So What’s The Plan?

So it’s now well into February, when I’m supposed to have transitioned out of IBM mode and into personal progress mode. To an extent I have, but it’s going entirely undocumented as it always has, despite the whole point of this site being to remedy this situation.

So it’s time to reassess what the objectives of this site are and start using it properly. Why does it exist?

  • To maintain a homepage/repository/portfolio of my various projects.
  • To facilitate posting about development of and updates to those projects, for my own reflection and the interest of any interested parties.
  • To encourage publishing of articles providing information that I’ve picked up through my experiences that may be of use to others.
  • To generally keep track of the progress of various aspects of my life, primarily those relevant to the above points (e.g. what I’m studying/working on/taking an interest in).

These objectives fall approximately into the two categories of content hosting for sharing with others, and reporting developments for posterity and reflection. The former is purely for my own amusement until I start publishing things worth sharing, but the latter can start generating benefits immediately.

As such, I intend to start publishing a lot more short and succinct blog posts about the goings on behind the Piemaster scenes. These will mostly be filed under ‘Personal‘, so feel free to ignore them if you believe that’s where they should stay. I believe Forgbook is going to be of great value for organising my life, but until then the reflection should help focus my attention.

So if you just stumbled across this site for no real reason at all, and you have no idea who I am, and you read this whole post for wont of something better to do… you are possibly the only person on Earth to have done so. Who knows, with odds like that you may even choose to follow the site for the next week or so just to see what happens. It won’t be flashy, but I’m an independent human being and I’ll try to have something even a little enlightening to say. Either way, wish me luck.