Jario Web Start

Jario is a port of Hario using Java, Slick and the Artemis framework. Rather than being a game, it’s more of proof of technology, an exploration into using Artemis for a platformer. So far the results have been very positive, and it is rapidly coming together to resemble an actual game. The Artemis framework is holding up admirably as the complexity increases, and it makes seeing the path forward much easier.

The player is the jar, and the controls are straightforward: left and right arrows to move, space to jump and F to shoot fireballs after collecting a flower. You can jump on enemies to hurt them, and jumping into item boxes from below to knock items out of them. Try to ignore the graphics. They are not very good, and I’m being very generous to myself there.

There are still plenty of features to implement, but as a work in progress it runs well enough that I thought it might be useful to release. You can check out the source code on Bitbucket, and submit any issues you run into if you like. I already know there are many however, so there may not be much point just yet.

Click Launch above or play in your browser. Have fun, very briefly!