Ski Free or Die Hard

Ski Free screenshot

That's going to be me! Hopefully sans enormous rocks. And yetis

So today I decided, what with it being winter and all, that… no, sorry, I’m not remaking Ski Free. Yet. I’m not legendary enough to tackle such mind-bogglingly superior game design.

However I will be away skiing freely myself up Mount Buller for the next week, so there’s unlikely to be any updates until after I get back.

When I do get back, hopefully I’ll have some details to reveal of a couple of projects I’m working on alongside Jario. Jario has served its proof of technology purpose excellently, and I’ve been having a stab at converting that codebase into something different without any initial planning to see how easy it is to do. At present it’s hard to say, since most of my effort is going into integrating the JBox2D physics library via Fizzy (re-maintained), which poses some conceptual challenges of its own, but is starting to work very nicely. I’ve always wanted to work with a physics engine, but never have, so it should be fun.

Anyway, thank you to anyone reading this, and I’ll see you bright and early when I get back!