Announcing: RailRunner!

Apparently I felt that I didn’t have enough projects underway yet, so here’s another one: RailRunner! As usual, that’s the working title. You can read (a little) more about it on that page, but in essence it’s Railroad Tycoon 3 made more accessible and actiony/competitive. I’ve got a few ideas that feel like they’re pretty original and they’d work well together, but we’ll wait and see.

In other news, Hario is coming along nicely, and you can pretty much run around the level, jump on enemies and die. There’s all the classic terrain types, though items don’t really affect anything yet. Most of the movement and interaction is there though, so the foundation is solidly down for us to start building on. Despite being a ‘practice’ project, I’m starting to think that maybe it won’t be the worst game ever! It’s a very encouraging feeling, and I’m getting increasingly obsessed with working on it, so expect some decent releases soon!

Still Alive

Just in case someone happens to read this while there’s nothing much happening, I’d just like to say that there is A LOT happening, just not on the site. Work is getting increasingly important, and Christmas (among other important dates) is coming up faster than I might like.

I haven’t had much change to work on the projects I’ve had listed all this time, but there is a new project under way, with the working title of Hario. Not surprisingly, Hario is something to do with Mario; it’s a little more than something to do with it though, since it’s basically a clone. I’m working on making a very simple game with The Artist Currently Known As DK, just so we can settle into actually trying to work on something together while simultaneously learning about all the tools we’re using. Hario is being written in C++ using Haaf’s Game Engine, and after a pretty full day of smashing against a wall, we’re set up and ready to code!

I get the feeling that actually working with someone will significantly increase my own productivity, especially once work my internship is over and done with. I’m going to be doing a whole more personal work next year so this blog should get much more of a workout. For now though, rest assured things are turning over behind the scenes. There will be results! Eventually.