Forums Are Up!

So as I mentioned, one of the nice things about Drupal is the integrated forums. There’s a WordPress plugin called bbPress which provides integrated forums for WordPress, but it’s still early days in terms of a number of features. For one, it seems happy to style itself independently of the rest of the site.

You may have noticed the shiny new white theme around here; it’s the same Twenty Eleven theme I was forced back to yesterday, but the white version. Why? Forums.

The bbPress forms insist on being white. They looked rubbish in the old Mystique theme, clashed with the black Twenty Eleven theme, but work quite nicely in this new one. Hence I’ve finally settled on the bbPress 2.0 plugin as the implementation of the forums. For one thing, this means you can go ahead and start posting things right now! For another, it further reduces the urgency to migrate to Drupal. I suspect I won’t be after all now, to be honest. There’s so much else to do!

Near the top of that list is updating the existing project pages. They’re a bit… boring. I need to spruce up the content, and tell everyone to post their questions, comments and inevitable problems to the forums. Answering recurring questions via email is no fun for me, and doesn’t scale at all, since I can only help one person at a time, if that. Answering those questions in a forum lets everyone keep track of the situation and maybe even help each other out if they’re feeling generous. This is obviously the way to go, and now that I’m happy enough with the bbPress implementation, it’s the way we’re going! Go have a look!