Taboo is still heavily in development, and as such has a long path of updates ahead of it. Below is a general selection of enhancements that you can expect in the future.

General Improvements

  • Tidier interface, shifting focus from developer to consumer
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Extended user customisation
  • Continued, up-to-date documentation (now with pictures!)

Next Version (v0.7)

  • Give Taboo a more sophisticated interface, approaching the kind you’d expect from a commercial application.
    • A file browser window for Open/Save As commands
    • Implement the Working Directory setting (tie in with the file browser)
    • Saved workspace – memoryr of what was open when Taboo was closed last time
    • Recent Files – application memory of tabs that were opened previously

The Version After (v0.8)

This is very much speculation. I’m not even sure how far v0.7 will go beyond what’s listed.

  • Crop/Tile pasting
  • Multiple-item clipboard (like the undo queue)
  • And perhaps Live Input! I’m probably more excited about putting that in than you are.

On The Horizon

  • Live Input – type in time to write your tab! (Possibly v0.8!)
  • Smarter pasting – various paste methods for big shortcuts
  • Tab interpretation – smart conversion of preferred tab notations
  • MIDI playback – will be cool, but this is currently ship smoke