Taboo is designed to be a very feature-rich editor, and although it is still rather early in development it has quite a few capabilities already to make it considerably easier to use than, say, Word.

  • Intuitive editing of units of tablature units (notes, lines, bars, and so on)
  • Multiple modes of input
  • Expected editor features (undo/redo, tabbed documents) plus some handy shortcuts (block copy/paste, automatic annotations)
  • Extensibility of input via configuration of available drums and notes
  • It’s free!

Some other features planned for future versions include:

  • Tab file system management
  • Rebinding of command keys
  • Interpretation and conversion between common tab formats
  • Output to DOCX/ODT formats
  • MIDI playback
  • Live input (pressing keys in time to insert notes on the fly)

Watch the Pipeline for more details on what’s to come as development progresses.