Artemoids Web StartArtemoids is a simple Asteroids clone I put together using the Slick 2D game engine and the excellent Artemis entity-component framework. It was a simple test to see how effective I could be with the Slick/Artemis combination, and I was very happy with being able to get it to a playable state in just a few hours (including getting my head around Artemis).

Admittedly a fair chunk of the initial codebase was lifted from Artemis’ sample game StarWarrior, but over time the code became increasingly tailored and I began to see how easy it was to reuse components and modify behaviours. I’m very excited about getting stuck into a few more projects with Slick/Artemis in the near future.

Click Launch above or play in your browser!

Or if you’re so inclined, check out the source code! It’s open source under the Simplified BSD License, so you can do anything you want.