Version History

Below is a list of the new features added in both the latest version and previous versions of Taboo:

(28/1/2009) v0.6

  • Added Select All command for all textboxes (edit textbox must be in Input mode)
  • Added support for per-note Uno/Redo in Input mode (toggle)
  • Added Dynamic Count – line of count automatically updates when bar width is changed (toggle)
  • Added Cut command, to remove a section of text from the textbox and place it on the clipboard (Ctrl + Alt + LMB)
  • Added proper Insert Paste, which ‘weaves’ the clipboard data into the tab
  • Turned dodgy old Insert Paste into Break Paste, which creates a break in the tab and inserts the clip data there
  • Added Remove Empty Lines command
  • Added commands to Add or Remove the count lines under every staff
  • Added inserting line break ABOVE target line (Ctrl + Shift + LMB)
  • Added status of profile, mode and clipboard under the Controls tab
  • Fixed copy clicks and cancelled comment modifications adding to undo queue
  • Added undo updating when returning from Input mode (if not updating IN Input mode)
  • Added last remaining tab being wiped on call of Close Tab
  • Added artist and title being displayed on tab page tab on Set Title
  • Fixed tab page titles not being centred
  • Hardcoded Default profile for simpler and more robust profile handling
  • Fixed error if quitting following a failed profile load
  • Fixed errors if ./config folder not found
  • Fixed new profile not being modifiable until reselected
  • Fixed allowing empty name for a new profile

(17/1/2009) v0.5

  • Added Redo command (forgot about it!)
  • Added Close Tab command (Ctrl + F4 or middle click tab)
  • Created XML file format to store all user config data
  • Added Profile system to allow persistent individual configuration storage
  • Allowed reading in of user config file
  • Allowed writing of user config data (saving)
  • Modified all relelvant actions to refer to user data (no more magic numbers)
  • Added simple profile selection dropdown box, controlling the whole panel
  • Locked the Default profile from being modified
  • Added full, interactive functionality of current Config Panel controls
    • Undo queue size
    • Available drums
    • Available notes for each drum
    • Variable order of drums and notes
    • Available templates
  • Added tracking of most recent user (im in ur registry writin ur keyz)
  • Added Add/Remove Template buttons in main window
  • Added a welcome message on first run (this will get prettier over time)
  • Added more documentation (intro, Config Panel and pictures!)
  • Dropped development of the readme, because it was annoying
  • Fixed undo queue being updated pointlessly in some situations
  • Fixed some unhelpful resizing behaviour
  • Set tab width to fixed to allow for middle-click closing
  • Added some file IO error intercepters
  • Changed default tab to Wax Simulacra!

(5/1/2009) v0.4.1

  • Fixed scroll getting stuck before the top
  • Fixed scrollbar jumping back to the top semi-randomly… I think, it kind of fixed itself. Not the jumping on every click, but the one where it would just return to the top sometimes.
  • Fixed scrollbar returning to the top on undo/redo and on first click
  • Fixed LMB bugging out if there was less than 2 characters on a line
  • Fixed copy/paste only working on original tab
  • Fixed Insert Paste not inserting newlines properly
  • Fixed paste data bugging out if it extended off the bottom
  • Fixed Toggle Edit getting stuck in Edit mode until textbox unfocused
  • Fixed textbox losing focus on mouse entry in Input mode
  • Fixed drum name logging error
  • Fixed save instructions using open instead of save
  • Fixed undo being possible in Input mode (since it doesn’t work)
  • Fixed error when inserting lines/breaks below the last line
  • In fact, hopefully fixed every error with indexes greater than text length
    • This was solved by keeping a space char at the end at all times, so if you’re wondering why there’s a space in your tab, that’s why. It should be accounted for when performing operations though so that there’s only 1 at the very end.
  • Added the Version History to this help file

(4/1/2009) v0.4

  • Default controls given to comment dialog
  • Gave textbox focus on mouse enter to allow for easier scrolling
  • Replaced Input and Output tabs with toggleable Edit tab
  • Implemented a basic template system with a few default options
  • Created dynamic tab system for individual tabs
  • Implemented undo and redo commands with dictionary/list undo stack
  • Created skeleton Configuration Panel
  • Fixed insert line bug, inserting \r\n in wrong position
  • Created .chm help file covering present functionality
  • Oh, and a useless About window
  • Assigned commands to relevant menu items

(1/1/2009) v0.3

  • New clipboard class to facilitate tab copy/paste operations
  • Basic copying with Alt + LMB, choosing opposite corners of an arbitrary rectangle and copying everything within to a clipboard
  • Basic pasting with Alt + RMB, choosing the top-left corner of a 1:1 sized rectangle and pasting any clipboard data in
  • Both copying and pasting account for irregular lines (i.e. finishing before/within the target region), so should be usable almost anywhere

(31/12/2008) v0.2

  • More complete mouse editing capability, including:
    • clearing bars
    • clearing lines
    • inserting lines
    • deleting lines
    • inserting breaks
    • modifying comments when clicking on non-tab
  • Basic functionality of Input, Edit, and Output tabs with their own text boxes, so text can be copied/edited into the Input box, converted into the edit box, then finally exported to the output box.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling of the Edit text box

(28/12/2008) v0.1

  • Very basic interface, containing pre-inserted tab and log output
  • Left and right click editing of notes and drum names

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