MSCVP100D.dll was not found – Problem Solved

Hario is coming along quite nicely, and in my attempt to show it off to a couple of friends, I zipped up the output from Visual Studio 2010 and sent it off. However I was quickly informed by all participants that it didn’t work, throwing the error “This application has failed to start because MSVCP100D.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.“.

Hmm. It didn’t do this for me. From the name it looked like the old Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable file that you need to download if you don’t have Visual Studio installed, so I pointed them to the download page, but it didn’t help. Strange. I Googled the error and got a bunch of results about MSVCR100.dll, and searching the exact error string got me about three results that said to download Visual Studio 2010 and you’d be okay.

It’s obvious in retrospect however – the problem was I’d sent the Debug build, not the Release build. MSVCR100.dll is required for the Release build, and MSVCR100D.dll is required for the Debug build. It’s not a common error, because typically people are smarter than me and send the Release version, resulting in the other error that is solved by downloading the aforementioned redistributable.

The moral of this story is: distribute the Release build, and anyone who can’t run it should only need MSVCP100.dll. Hope that helps someone, someday.

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  1. Hey Peyman, I don’t know too much about distribution, but you can tell everyone who downloads your thing to download and install the redistributable as well. You may be able to work out how to package it in an install file too. Good luck!

  2. So…, the real problem with this error is that it cannot be solved by reinstalling anything.. msvcp100.dll is usually included in your OS. Mine’s windows XP sp2. There are a few reasons why this file disappears. One way is by running a recovery disk on the comp. these disks usually have only the absolute minimum sotware it would take for the OS to run properly. The remaining software would then have to be recovered from the original OS disk(s). For my OS, I simply run sfc /scannow from the ‘cmd’ prompt. As for debugging vs release; that animal explains itself.

  3. John, I’m here to sing your praises. Your little “sfc/scannow” fixed a problem I have been wrestling with for days. Here’s to you, John … CHEERS!

  4. I have also problem conserning dll. I have tried to make Excel 2010 (64 bit) loadable 64 bit dll library using MS Visual Studio 2012 C++ .

    Debug-version can be built as descriped in link and it works fine.

    I assumed that Release version is created by replacing in 9.k.)
    Configuration Managerissa Configuration –> Release (VC++ 2012 Ultimate includes one more Column Deploy which however cannot be checked) .

    Files are compiled witout any problem and very small dll is created. Only problem is that it does not work. I assumed first that it’s because of missing dlls, but I guess that is not the reason.

    Has anyone succeeded to build 64 bit Excel DLL and how was it done ?

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